Do you know what it’s like to live 45 years of your life all scrunched up in a box? That’s the best way I can describe it—having my hopes, dreams, emotions, opinions, and the essence of me stuffed down inside a tightly sealed container that was controlled by someone on the outside. Life didn’t start out that way. Like every other child born into this world, I was full of life, energetic, and passionate […]


An Interview With Author Brenda Branson By loriamoore How did you first become interested in writing? My interest in writing began in the 8th grade and continued throughout highschool. During that time, I wrote poetry that was published in our school magazines and newsletters.   How long have you been actively writing? After high school, I didn’t write anything for the next 20 years except for some journaling to record events in my abusive marriage. […]

A Teenager’s Perspective

A Teenager’s Perspective on Living in an Abusive Home “All children deserve a father they aren’t afraid of. All women deserve a partner they can trust. All abusive men deserve a chance to break the cycle of abuse they learned from their fathers.” This is the dream of most families who are struggling with dysfunctional and abusive relationships. I agree with this dream. I grew up in a home where my father was abusive. If […]