My Life is a Love Story

My life is a love story–not your typical love story where the guy and the gal live happily ever after. In fact, I spent 20 years in an abusive marriage which was further complicated by discovering my husband was accused of molesting several young boys during the course of our marriage. After the divorce, I struggled as a single parent to support myself and my son. We came very close to being homeless, but God always intervened in amazing ways through the generosity of his people.
The next few chapters of my life were full of ministry-related activities, loving and teaching women who were suffering in abusive relationships, and writing books and resources that offered help and hope. Sadly, betrayal and lies from a trusted friend broke my heart, our friendship, and our ministry partnership. Once again, I was nearly destitute and watched God provide in miraculous ways that overwhelmed logic.

Through the painful years, the passionate love of God toward me as his daughter, as his bride, was the thread of grace that held me together. He has truly restored the destitute years, not in money or tangible goods, but in relationships and opportunities to love other people who are hurting. As the wounds have been healing, He has been teaching me about love–how to love others well, how to receive love from others, and how to be fully embraced in His love. God has revealed His love to me through the kindness of friends and through the heart of a very special friend who helped me see through his eyes that I was lovable too, that my life was a beautiful treasure.

Opportunities abound for me to share God’s love with broken people, especially those who have been abused and those recovering from addictions. I’m thankful for all God has done for me, for the difficult lessons I learned in the whirlwind of dysfunction and betrayal, and for lessons of forgiveness that followed.

I will be learning about love for the rest of my life, living as one beloved of God, and as one deeply, passionately in love with Him. His love is changing me in ways I can’t express in words. So whether someone reads the beginning chapters of my life story, all the details in-between, or skip to whatever the ending may be, the underlying theme will be love.

My beloved speaks and says to me, ‘Arise my love, my beautiful one, and come away. For behold, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.’ My beloved is mine, and I am his.” Song of Solomon

Brenda Branson
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