Looking Beyond Your Problems

r “When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. You are precious to me. You are honored. I love you.” (Isaiah 43:2,4 NLT) Are you trying desperately to keep your head above water, feeling like you may be going under for the last time? Don’t give up! Remember when you were a child first learning to swim? Someone […]

Love Letters from the Heart Mender

For those whose hearts are hurting, Valentine’s Day is hard. Instead of candy, hearts, and flowers, they are left with scars of a broken relationship and a bitter, disillusioned spirit. Their dreams have died just like a wilted and dried up bouquet. Perhaps in some cases, the “V” word stands for victim–those who are stuck in the time warp of their own pain and misery, refusing to let go of the past, rehashing all the […]

Why do we label people?

Why do we label people? While having dinner with a friend, she referred to people by using labels instead of names. She talked about the “tall, heavy set” man at church, the “black” woman at the market, and the “fat” woman at work. Why do we talk like that? How many times have you heard a Caucasian person referred to as “that white woman?” Very rarely, I suspect. Yet we talk about people of other […]

Are You Afraid of Failure?

  How does it feel to fail? You know all too well, don’t you—the sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when you didn’t live up to your own or someone else’s expectations. You feel foolish and incompetent, discouraged and defeated. Cruel laughter and smug remarks from people who have no confidence in you ring in your ears and drown out the encouragement of well-meaning friends. You can see it in their eyes—an expression […]