How to be an anchor in the storm

One of the reasons a battered woman is finally able to leave an abusive relationship is because she has someone who acts as her anchor in the storm. “For a battered woman, having an anchor can mean the difference between helplessness and empowerment to work toward a solution,” says Susan Brewster, author of “To be an Anchor in the Storm.” She compares the role of friends and relatives of battered women to the anchor of […]

Roller Coaster Relationships

When I was just a brave, young lass of 9 or 10 years old, my grandmother took me and my two younger brothers to a country carnival. Since I was the older and wiser sibling, I decided to show my brothers how to conquer the scary rides with fearless abandon. The first ride was a roller coaster called “The Wild Mouse.” Even though we were the only customers in line, we convinced the carny man […]

I will not be silent

“Wives, don’t be silent when your husbands become verbally or physically violent toward you. Part of the abuser’s power comes from secrecy! Abusive behavior continues because it works! Fear of further harm and/or death intimidates victims into remaining silent and enduring it. Many victims make excuses for their abusers because it is embarrassing to admit there is a problem. Still others remain silent because of economic hardships. It takes real courage to speak up because […]

What is a misogynist?

The word “misogynist” literally means hatred of women. Although they claim to love their wives, the actions of a misogynist indicate just the opposite. They may appear kind and charming at church or the office, but they lead a double life at home, acting kind and loving part of the time and disrespectful and abusive the rest of the time. The woman who lives with a misogynist is confused by the double messages he sends, […]

When Love Turns Violent

When someone you love uses violence to punish or control you, it is hard to think clearly about what to do next. Feelings range from shock to fear to anger, and often to helplessness and confusion. You ask yourself questions like: What did I do to deserve this? Should I call the police? If I press charges, what will he do to me later? If he goes to jail, how will we pay the bills? […]

Dating Violence

  Dating violence is a real and serious danger. It is one of the major sources of violence in teen life. In 1991, studies indicated that dating violence affected at least one in ten teenage couples (Levy 1991). Today, that number has increased to one in every four! Although the majority of dating violence victims are female, there are some young men who are victims of abusive girlfriends who use emotional and verbal abuse to […]

My Life is a Love Story

My life is a love story–not your typical love story where the guy and the gal live happily ever after. In fact, I spent 20 years in an abusive marriage which was further complicated by discovering my husband was accused of molesting several young boys during the course of our marriage. After the divorce, I struggled as a single parent to support myself and my son. We came very close to being homeless, but God […]


  Do you know what it’s like to live 45 years of your life all scrunched up in a box? That’s the best way I can describe it—having my hopes, dreams, emotions, opinions, and the essence of me stuffed down inside a tightly sealed container that was controlled by someone on the outside. Life didn’t start out that way. Like every other child born into this world, I was full of life, energetic, and passionate […]


An Interview With Author Brenda Branson By loriamoore How did you first become interested in writing? My interest in writing began in the 8th grade and continued throughout highschool. During that time, I wrote poetry that was published in our school magazines and newsletters.   How long have you been actively writing? After high school, I didn’t write anything for the next 20 years except for some journaling to record events in my abusive marriage. […]